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Scenario-Based Games for Adolescent Guidance & Counselling

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Game-Based Activities

The Life Skills App features realistic game-based lessons designed to equip adolescents with the social and emotional skills to navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood.

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The Life Skills App features an intelligent chatbot that provide the opportunity for teens to ask question relatingto the specific topics that they are presently engaging with.

Admin Dashboard

A feature built specifically for schools intended to enable teachers to track students progress and school administrators to track classroom progress. Insights from the dashboard can provide diagnosis of student SEL deficiencies.

Online Safety
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Online Safety Module

Designed for adolescents in  8-18 years old. This module seeks to equip students with the tools to be able to protect their online identity, their physical selves and their reputation. It consist of 12 game module focusing on online safety and cyber-bulling.

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Read more about the Life Skills App on the NubianVR Medium Page.

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